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     ACE Wrestling is a strategy based fantasy wrestling game, where you create & manage your own wrestler(s). You then compete against other player’s wrestlers. This is not a free e-fed or role play game! It cost real money to play…
     The object of the game is to win! Wrestlers are ranked according to their win/loss records. (This is very important!) Your wrestler’s win/loss record adds to his/her “Experience!”
     Currently there are 4 divisions of play, & each one is unique. USA is traditional style, Canada is totally hardcore, Mexico is lucha libre style, & Japan is mixed martial arts.
Creating Wrestlers
     To create a wrestler, simply fill out the Wrestler Creation Form, on the “Create Wrestler” page. Try to be original when choosing a name for your wrestler. If you must use a real pro's name, try to change it slightly. Ex: Ric Flair could be changed to Rick Flare. This makes the name more unique. Players assume all responsibility when using a real pro wrestler’s name. Any inappropriate or vulgar names will be banned from competing.
      Your wrestler’s strategy is totally up to you. You pick 10 moves/holds or create your own. Please give a brief description when creating your own moves/holds. You may even include signature or finishing moves/holds. Once you pick or create your wrestler’s moves/holds, you decide the damage that each move/hold inflicts on your opponents. Make sure that the total “Damage Points” for all 10 moves/holds equals 100 points.
     Next, you divide 25 points between 4 attributes. (Technical, Power/Brawling, High Flying, & Dirty Tricks) This tells more about your wrestler’s style.

     Strategy is the major factor in determining the outcome of a match. However, experience does help. Experienced wrestlers with similar strategies may prevail over rookies. However, a great strategy is preferred!

     Jobbers are identified with a * in the rankings. A match against a jobber is a guaranteed win for your wrestler! This enables your wrestler to build up his/her win/loss record…

     The top title in ACE is of course the World title! Only a Division champ may challenge for the World title.
     A Division champion is the top wrestler in each division. Only the top 7 wrestlers in a Division may challenge for that Division title. A wrestler may change Divisions at any time.
     Titles in ACE WILL CHANGES HANDS via DQ or COUNTOUT! This prevents a champion from holding a title longer than he/she deserves to.
Any wrestler(s) that hold a World Title for 3 bulletins/cycles in a row without losing it wins $50 REAL CASH! Any wrestler(s) that holds a Division Title for 3 bulletins/cycles in a row without losing it wins $30 REAL CASH! Finally, if any wrestler holds a Region Title for 3 bulletins/cycles in a row without losing it wins 10 FREE MATCHES!

Match Requests
     To request matches for your wrestler, simply fill out the Match Request Form, on the “Match Requests” page. Be sure to include proper payment.

Comments & Attacks
     Comments & sneak attacks may be sent in with your “Match Requests”. They will be included as part of the results. However, sneak attacks can backfire at times. It is also possible that a wrestler could be fined or suspended for certain behavior. Any attacks on an ACE official will result in immediate suspension!

Imaginary Money
     Wrestlers earn “Imaginary Money” for competing in ACE Wrestling! They earn $500 for a win, $250 for a draw, & $0 for a loss… Imaginary Money can be used to purchase imaginary items such as robes, cars, bounty’s, etc… Wrestlers can also use their money to pay fines.

     Results of all matches, champions, rankings, comments, attacks, imaginary money, etc... will be published at the end of each cycle.

PPV Super Cards
     Pay-per-views or Super Cards are major events that take place from time to time. These special events have their own rules and entry fees.

Photos & Drawings
     You may send in photos &/or drawings of your wrestler. Or just tell us who your wrestler looks like. This will allow us to print pics in the bulletins.